Keeping Player 1 Alive: 3 Tips on How to Properly Pack & Move Video Games

Posted on: 9 July 2015

Video games are a way of life, and perhaps one of the most ubiquitous forms of entertainment throughout the world. Canadians are not an exception, with more than 50% of Canadians having played a video game in the past 4 weeks. As video games are such a huge part of most people's lives, it's important to secure and pack your collection properly when moving houses, as your video game or saved progress can be rendered useless if the disc gets scratched or broken. The following 3 tips can help make sure you keep player 1 alive digitally.

Always Keep All Video Games in Their Respective Cases

It's easy to forget to put the discs back in their respective cases, especially if you're an avid gamer. A lot of people tend to take the discs out of the cases and leave them on the console or sitting on a table when they switch games for the sake of convenience. However, you should always put the discs back in their respective cases when you are packing for a move. Don't just toss them into a container or a box because chances are they won't survive the move.

The cases are designed to protect the surface of the discs from getting scratched, and will also prevent the discs from warping in shape or even shattering. If you can no longer find the rightful case for a disc, go out and buy a case. The amount of protection the discs will get is worth it.

Store the Games in a Sealed Plastic Container

Although you may have a lot of corrugated cardboard boxes lying around from the move, it's best to steer clear from them when you're packing your video games. Corrugated cardboard boxes simply are as secure and strong. When factoring in how fragile and delicate the video game discs can be, it's definitely better to opt for a sealed plastic container instead—or at least something a lot more rigid and capable of tolerating impact.

With a sealed plastic container, you can rest assured that none of your video games will end flying out of the box should it tumble during the move. Accidents do happen, and it's best to take steps to prevent the damage that could potentially be caused.

Stand the Games Upright Instead of Laying Them Flat

When packing your video games, insert them into the box so that they are standing upright. Although laying the video games flat may seem harmless, it makes the discs a lot more vulnerable to damages. Should anything fall on the box or the video game case, the pressure may end up breaking the discs in two. If you stand the video games upright, the damage caused by any form of impact will generally be quite minimal.

Don't force any video games into the box when you are packing. It's best to allow for some leeway of movement. This will help distribute shock evenly throughout the entire box and prevent any force of impact to concentrate solely on one area. You can even insert some bubble wrap or other types of padding as a cushion.

With all of the money you pour into video games, it's wise to spend some extra time reinforcing the boxes and making sure the video games are stored properly. There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding a box full of video games destroyed by a tough move. It's even more difficult when you find out you have lost all of the progress made in certain games and have to start anew even if you go out and purchase a new disc.

For more tips, contact local movers. 


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