Why Hiring Doc Ock To Move Your Stuff Is A Bad Idea

Posted on: 5 May 2015

If you're getting ready to make a big move you might be considering hiring someone to help you accomplish that task efficiently. Moving is a big job and having some help to get it done can't hurt, right? You have a few options, but if your options come down to hiring a moving crew or Doctor Octopus, you'd better go with the movers. Here's why.

Doc Ock Has a Temper

Movers are expected to be professional with your things at all times. Their company's reputation hinges on your stuff arriving at your new home safely and in one piece. No one has any such expectations of Doc Ock. He has been known to lose his cool from time to time, and end up destroying things. If a mover does something like that a reputable moving company will reimburse you for the damages. In fact, some companies carry insurance to protect your belongings from any damage that occurs during the move. This excludes the normal risk of damage due to moving, but it does help cover your stuff in case of a temper tantrum or improper packing or handling.

Doc Ock Hasn't Been Trained

Even though he is a genius, Doctor Octopus doesn't know everything. Movers are trained in what items need special care, how to package your fragile and valuable things, and how to efficiently load the truck to make the best use of the available space. Doc Ock is an intelligent man with a lot of common sense, but he is still more likely to make a mistake like forgetting to wrap your glass table, or not knowing that he needs to pack the heaviest things in the back of the trailer to prevent them from crushing lighter objects during routine starts and stops. These may be common sense procedures, but they are things inexperienced movers do all the time, and Doc Ock is not a professional mover. He might be fast, but your stuff is much more likely to be broken than if you hire a real professional mover.

Doc Ock is More Likely to be Injured

Have you ever been shopping for a heavy item and noticed the "team lift" symbol on the box? That is an advisement that the item is too heavy to be safely lifted by one person, and it may require teamwork to get the item safely into your vehicle. The same principles apply to moving. Some items are heavy enough that it is unsafe for one person to lift them, but have you ever known a mad scientist who described him or herself as working well in a team environment? Doc Ock may have mechanical limbs, but that doesn't negate the strain on his back from trying to lift your couch by himself. An injury could end up costing you a lot of money. Moving companies often carry worker's comp insurance for their team members, which protects you in the case of a worker injuring him or herself. Doc Ock is much more likely to sue you than to carry his own worker's comp insurance, which could devastate your finances.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to avoid hiring Doc Ock, or any amateur mover to help you relocate your household. From a legal standpoint, a common sense standpoint, and a financial standpoint, your money is best spent on a professional moving team. Don't make the common mistake of hiring just anyone to help you move, make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck with a professional moving company. Your things and your wallet will thank you.


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